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Reef’s End is a small lodge situated on the beautiful and quiet southern tip of Tobacco Caye, just a few yards from the reef – ideally located for over and underwater activities.

About Us

Reef's End Lodge

The lodge has four comfortable seaview rooms and three spacious, comfortable cabanas, all with amazing views of the Caribbean. The over-water restaurant offers Belizean cuisine with an emphasis on seafood and local specialties with European influences. The restaurant has a popular cocktail bar with an beautiful view of the Caribbean and the Mayan mountains far, far away to the west – an ideal place to meet with others while the sun sets. 
Eco Friendly

Off The Grid

At Reef's End, we are truly living off the grid and trying our best to help the environment by managing energy, water and waste as efficiently as possible. Our solar system provides more than 95% of our power and an eco-friendly, propane backup generator provide the balance when needed. The water we use for showers and basins is collected rainwater from our roofs and stored in tanks around the property. Grey water is filtered and organic waste is added to compost bins and becomes water and soil for our plants and garden where we grow vegetables for our kitchen.

How it started

Reef's End Lodge was the very first lodge on Tobacco Caye and started to receive guests in the early 1980's. The original owners were fishermen and had the property on Tobacco Caye for generations, going back to the pirate days! The lodge historically focused on diving and we continue to see the same divers year after year coming to explore the beautiful reef around Tobacco Caye.

The lodge changed ownership in 2014 and is now run by us, a Swedish - American couple,  Pär & Lily. We have more than 30 years combined experience in hospitality and have continued the diving, snorkeling and fishing tradition. The bar and restaurant have been renovated and we are proud to serve fresh ingredients from our gardens and the surrounding sea. Our strong eco ethos and dedication to the environment play a big part in how we manage Reef's End Lodge.

Our ultimate goal is to create a relaxed, casual lodge which serves great food, natural drinks and offers our guests an opportunity to take part in the reef's sporting life or to simply unwind. 


Our Staff

Our staff is made up of experienced Belizeans and expatriates and we are here to serve and ensure your experience at Reef's End is a truly memorable one.