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Situated on the beautiful and quiet southern tip of Tobacco Caye, just a few yards from the reef.


Spin Fishing

Reef’s End is found on the southern tip of Tobacco Caye just a few yards from one of the rare openings in the reef. The next opening is about 6 miles south and the opening north of us is 18 miles away. This means that a lot of action is found right outside our lodge as tides push bait-fish in and out of the reef opening – either inside towards the flats or out towards the deep blue waters. This attracts predators such as Barracudas, Snappers, Jacks, Tarpons, King Mackerels and even bigger fish such as Marlin, Wahoo, African Pompano and several other species. These fishes are often caught with artificial baits such as poppers, wobblers, jigs and other lures even if live bait (small sardines) is the safest way to go.

Fly Fishing

Belize is famous for fly fishing and the fishing around Tobacco Caye is world class. Let us hand pick a guide to help navigate you around our waters. Experienced fly fishing guides will take you to the flats to hunt Permit, Tarpon and Bonefish. If you are lucky, perhaps you will obtain fly fishing most coveted prize a grand slam –Permit, Tarpon and Bonefish- in the same fishery, on the same day!

Fishing rates

Spin Fishing
Spin Fishing from a boat with a guide per hour:
Two anglers: $75US per hour
Minimum two hours
Basic Fishing Gear is included

Full day Spin Fishing from a boat with a guide:
Two anglers full day: $500US
Includes a packed lunch
Basic Fishing Gear is included

Fly Fishing
Full day Fly Fishing from a boat with a guide:
Two anglers full day (minimum two days): $600US/day 
Includes packed lunch

Please note that we don't rent fly fishing gear so please bring your favorite rods!
We suggest an 8-9 weight and an 11-12 weight rod. Please contact us for more details.

Rates are in US dollars and there is tax in addition (the sales tax is currently 12.5% )

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